by Marie Sly


DETROIT, The National Roller Hockey League (NRHL) has signed a deal with Alkali to make the Alkali Quantum Puck by IDS the Official Puck of the League 

Joe Cook, Chief Operating Officer of Alkali Verbero said the company has taken the Pro Shot puck from IDS, dual branded it and is now selling and distributing the puck that is straight up preferred by the majority of roller hockey players across the globe. 

“This was a fairly simple and straightforward decision for Alkali Verbero – we take the greatest roller hockey puck out there, obtain the license, work with the manufacturer, sell, and brand it ourselves as the Alkali Quantum Puck by IDS,” said Cook

In a partnership that started two years ago, all parties involved have realized how beneficial this is and the potential it has, which translates to pucks on the floor in roller hockey.

“We have a great relationship with Joe and Alkali Verbero, combined with the quality and popularity of the Alkali Quantum Puck by IDS, it was an absolute no brainer to name them the Official Puck of the NRHL,” noted Bobby Clouston, Commissioner and Co-Founder of the NRHL.  “This partnership will add to the quality and level of professionalism of this league, filling a void in the world of professional roller hockey in the United States.”

Registration is open for the next NRHL Free Agent Combine, however space is becoming increasingly limited.  The remaining Free Agent Combine will be held December 27-29 in Saint Louis, Missouri. 

The Free Agent Combine will consist of one practice with their designated team, run by members of the NRHL team coaching staff, including with four games scouted by every general manager and head coach, along with various staff members from across the League.  The NRHL will also have professional trainers on site to test and evaluate every player.  Along with all of that, the NRHL will have representatives on site from Alkali Verbero Skates to fit and measure for the player’s preferred boot, representatives from glove, helmet and other various equipment manufacturers so that when a player is named to a roster, all of their equipment will be ready and waiting for them when they walk into their new roller hockey home. 

Each player will receive, among other things, a limited-edition custom NRHL insulated tumbler from Treblig Designs to commemorate their participation in the first-ever NRHL Combines.

The National Roller Hockey League is the only professional inline hockey league in North America and has teams in Detroit, St. Louis, Port Huron, and Grand Rapids.  For more information or to register for the 2019 NRHL Combine, visit our website at and find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.